S-Methoprene CAS 65733-16-6

S-Methoprene CAS 65733-16-6 is an insect growth regulator widely used in pest control. It disrupts the normal development of insects by mimicking the action of juvenile hormone, inhibiting their reproductive maturity. With its selective action and low toxicity to humans and pets, S-Methoprene is considered a safer alternative to conventional insecticides.

S-Methoprene serves as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in certain medicines. Its role as an insect growth regulator finds application in veterinary products, effectively combating parasitic infestations in animals.

Product Details

  • Chemical Name : S-Methoprene
  • CAS No : 65733-16-6
  • Molecular Formula : C19H34O3

  • Type : Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

  • Grade : Medicine Grade

  • MOQ : 1 kg

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