Nitroxinil CAS 1689-89-0

Nitroxinil CAS 1689-89-0, is a halogenated phenol derivative used as an anthelmintic agent. Its chemical structure contains chlorine, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon atoms. Nitroxinil’s specific mechanism of action involves interfering with the energy metabolism of parasites, leading to their paralysis and expulsion from the host’s body. This compound’s properties make it effective in combating liver flukes and gastrointestinal parasites.

Nitroxinil serves as a vital active pharmaceutical ingredient in the production of veterinary medicines. With its potent anthelmintic properties, it effectively targets liver flukes and gastrointestinal parasites in animals. As an API, Nitroxinil plays a crucial role in formulating effective medications, ensuring the health and well-being of livestock animals.

Product Details

  • Chemical Name : Nitroxinil
  • CAS No : 1689-89-0
  • Molecular Formula : C7H3IN2O3
  • Molecular Weight : 290.01 g/mol

  • Type : Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

  • Grade : Medicine Grade

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