Mebendazole CAS 31431-39-7

Mebendazole CAS 31431-39-7, primarily utilized as an active ingredient, plays a crucial role in various medicines dedicated to treating parasitic worm infections. Notably, it is frequently incorporated into oral medications, including tablets, chewable tablets, or suspensions, for convenient administration and effective treatment.

Mebendazole, an anthelmintic drug in the benzimidazole class, possesses potent anti-parasitic properties. Moreover, by disrupting tubulin formation in parasitic worms, it effectively immobilizes and eliminates them. Additionally, Mebendazole appears as an off-white to slightly yellowish powder.

Product Details

  • Chemical Name : Mebendazole
  • CAS No : 31431-39-7
  • Molecular Formula : C16H13N3O3
  • Molecular Weight : 295.29 g/mol

  • Type : Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

  • Grade : Medicine Grade

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