Research & Development (Reports)

We assist our clients by bringing to them available research inputs, i.e., manpower, technologies, processes and methods to enable customers to empower their core R&D work. We have an inbuilt database of organic chemists, scientists, record of GMP approved facilities and a high expertise in pharmaceuticals and chemicals which heavily benefits our clients to imbibe breakthrough ideas and enable you to implement them into valuable solutions

Business Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence, as we prefer to call it, is a conglomerate of extensive market research and functional expertise, a tool we use to unlock more sophisticated business solutions. This service is particularly important in the present economic condition where companies need this line of services to surface the rising competition. Through our detailed planning tool selection assistance and competence, we promise our clients results that will deliver sustained competitive advantage.

Vendor Audit

The need to conduct vendor audits stems from a higher need for quality control in an industry that needs to be more regulated than any other industry in the world.. The primary areas that need to be evaluated in a vendor audit are vendor viability, management responsibility, system accuracy, and data integrity.