Fluconazole CAS 86386-73-4

Fluconazole CAS 86386-73-4, is a widely used antifungal medication. Moreover, it falls under the category of triazole antifungals and is primarily employed in the treatment of various fungal infections.

Fluconazole works by inhibiting the synthesis of ergosterol, which is a crucial component of the fungal cell membrane. As a result, this action disrupts the membrane’s integrity and prevents further growth. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies utilize fluconazole as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to formulate various antifungal medications in different dosage forms.

Product Details

  • Chemical Name : Fluconazole
  • CAS No : 86386-73-4
  • Molecular Formula : C13H12F2N6O
  • Molecular Weight : 306.27 g/mol

  • Type : Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

  • Grade : Medicine Grade

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