APIs for Animal Healthcare

At Bazayan & Co., we are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of both humans and animals through our pharmaceutical raw APIs. We are excited to introduce our comprehensive range of Animal Healthcare Products, designed to meet the unique needs of our furry friends.

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Explore our extensive range of APIs, meticulously sourced and tested to meet the highest industry standards. Our portfolio includes a diverse selection of raw materials, each chosen for its purity, efficacy, and compliance with global regulations.

With a legacy of excellence, Bazayan & Co. is at the forefront of the pharmaceutical supply chain. We specialize in providing high-quality APIs that form the foundation of exceptional healthcare products. Our mission is to empower pharmaceutical companies to create solutions that enhance and save lives.

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Animal Healthcare API
ProductTheraputic CategoryCAS
Piperazine CitrateAnti parasitic144-29-6
Clorsulon HCLAnti parasitic60200-06-8
KetoconazoleAnti Fungal Or Yeast65277-42-1
TriclabendazoleAnti parasitic68786-66-3
FenbendazoleIntestinal Parasite43210-67-9
OxyclozanideAnti parasitic (mainly flukes)2277-92-1
OxfendazoleAnti parasitic53716-50-0
FebantelAnti parasitic58306-30-2
Closantel BaseAnthelmintic57808-65-8
Closantel SodiumAnti parasitic61438-64-0
RicobendazoleAnti parasitic54029-12-8
AmitrazAnti parasitic33089-61-1
Diminazene Aceturate,
Diminazene Diaceturate
Anti parasitic908-54-3
Homidium ChlorideAnti parasitic602-52-6
ClorsulonAnti parasitic60200-06-8
Isometamidium Chloride HydrochlorideAntitrypanosomal34301-55-8
ButaphosphanMetabolic Disorder17316-67-5
Imidocarb DipropionateAnti Infection55750-06-6
Ractopamine HClMuscle Gain90274-24-1
S-Methopreneinsect growth regulator (IGR65733-16-6
ToltrazurilAnti Parasitic69004-03-1
Flunixin MeglumineAntinflammatory42461-84-7
Xylazine Hydrochlorideanalgesic23076-35-9

Note : If required product is not in list, please contact us for custom requirements.